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  • I have pigmentation and contact dermatitis. I tried using pigment creams but I have negative reaction to it. I also used products that contain AHA to help in exfoliating my skin but it’s very stinging and had burning sensation. I went to seek doctor’s advice and was recommended to try Fairence as it was a tested and gentle product for all skin types.

    Amazingly when I tried Fairence, my skin didn’t have any burning or negative reaction to it. I like how quickly my skin is able to absorb the cream. No weird smell and is gentle on my skin which is my main priority in finding a suitable cream given my contact dermatitis problem. I had been using it for 2 months now and I can see my dark spots lighten! Those who are looking for a gentle effective pigmentation cream, please try Fairence!

  • After giving birth to my 2 kids, I developed melasma over the years. There were dark patches on my skin especially on my forehead, and also on my upper lip. It was embarrassing for me as it looks like I have a moustache. And often being exposed under the sun, it got worse.

    I was introduced to Fairence by my sister, who is a supporter of TDF for about 8 years. The cream worked wonders on my dark spot. I uses it in combination with their sunblock as recommended. I can see my dark spots lighten and less noticeable on my upper lip.

    The only downside is the bottle is pretty small – 30g, and I have a large area of dark spots over my face so it does not last long.

  • Been bothered by my dark spots on the face. So when a friend recommended me to try Fairence®, I gladly do so. I noticed that with daily use of Fairence®, it improved my overall skin condition. It is more hydrated now and I can say that my dark spots are lightening. Initial results are encouraging so I will continue using it to see more improvement.